Who are your organisation’s top targets?

Who in your organisation is taking the bait?

Protecting your business from phishing attacks is a priority for businesses of all sizes. And for good reason! According to Wombat Security, nearly 80% of businesses report being a victim of a phishing attack in the last year.

Hackers are always on the hunt for the next great phishing trophy to hang on their wall of fame. Who in your organisation is going to be the one to take the bait?

Learn more about the bait and tactics hackers use to phish for trophies in different departments within your organisation in our “Don’t Be the Next Trophy on the Hacker’s Wall” eBook today!

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About TribeTech

TribeTech is a specialised IT firm that helps businesses to grow and compete in the market by providing easy to use, effective IT solutions.

With TribeTech small teams, or ‘tribes’, are responsible for delivering on promises and solving your business’s problems from day zero. That means you deal with the same people for everything and they are fully accountable to you.

To make sure our strategy is effective we only hire people with a broad range of skills and experience who are committed team players. Ongoing development of our people is a key element of the TribeTech DNA – the IT industry moves fast and we need to stay current.

Tribetech is a specialised IT firm delivering effective, easy to use IT solutions.


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