Why do Accountants need Document Management solutions?

Updated: Jun 24

While there are a number of document management solutions out there for accountants, few have considered why accounting firms need document management solutions and what they do.

In this episode of the Accounting Technology Fireside Chat Podcast, we discuss where document management comes from.

Accounting firms have been working with large numbers of documents for hundreds of years, but many have taken the drawbacks of a paper-based document management system to their new "paperless technology".

Some drawbacks are:

  • How do you find all documents created by a certain accountant?

  • How do you find all tax returns with a refund value between a certain range?

  • How do you change to a new system?

  • If you misfiled a document, how would you file it again?

By creating files and folder-based systems, you don't solve the issues above. It's super important to consider:

  • How do you find misfiled documents?

  • How do you move between systems?

  • Where are your documents and who stores them?