Reduce risk to your Finance & Accounting Business with TribeTech

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Protect Your Business From External & Internal Threats

Finance and accounting businesses face threats to customer and corporate data, systems and infrastructure. Businesses that capture, process, store and send sensitive financial information are prime targets for cyber attackers.

Malicious people and groups use a range of techniques to access, steal and disrupt data such as bank account passwords, tax file numbers and credit card numbers. Affected customers may find their bank accounts drained, their credit cards maxed out and their identities stolen. They may also find personally identifiable information released into the public domain or used for illicit purposes.

Cyber attackers who infiltrate finance and accounting businesses may remain undetected for months, causing severe ongoing damage.


Attackers may use social engineering to trick workers into disclosing information; providing unauthorised access to systems and data; or enabling ransomware – malicious software that locks users out of their systems and files until they pay a ransom – to compromise a device or network.

However, the threat is not just external. Data breaches or leakage can occur due to inadequate systems, processes or worker education – as well as workers with malicious intent.

So how can finance and accounting businesses minimise risk to data and systems?


TribeTech SecureOffice can help provide the answer. TribeTech SecureOffice combines security, business continuity, networking and other technologies to create a secure foundation for finance and accounting businesses. As well as protecting data and systems, TribeTech SecureOffice can help your business meet its obligations under the Privacy Act 1988, the Notifiable Data Breaches scheme and other legislative or regulatory requirements.


Enterprise Grade Protection

Enhances Regulatory Compliance

Minimises Reputational Risk

Key Benefits of TribeTech

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Reduces Risk to Sensitive

Data and Systems

Lowers Chance of Costly Business Interruption

We offer comprehensive assessments of the security-readiness of finance and accounting businesses. Contact us to find out how well you are protecting your business and client data.