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    TribeTech Automated Payments

    Automate your monthly payments.

    Another way TribeTech helps to streamline your business.

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    Easy, Automatic & Free

    • Automated payments reduce your internal costs and it’s free and very easy to setup


    Security is our first priority

    • Your Bank details are kept in a PCI-compliant system, ISO27001 certified for information security management.

    • You have access to cancel or alter your mandate



    • Our mantra is to improve the overall efficiency of our client's IT environment

    • We automate as many client processes as appropriate, considering the implementation cost and the return on investment

    • Automated payment saves a step in the process for each of our Accounts Payables process


    You retain control

    • Our invoices are sent on the 1st of the month

    • Payment occurs on the 8th of the month

    • You retain control

    • Just let us know within 5 days of an invoice being sent if you have any concerns

    Automated Payments Guarantee

    • You are protected by the Automated Payments Guarantee, which secures a refund of any payment made in error


    Efficient for both of us

    • We want to be able to direct all our resources to help our clients with their IT needs

    • Co-ordinating payments each month is an inefficient use of both your time and ours


    Managed by GoCardless 

    • We use GoCardless to manage your automated payment authorisations

    • GoCardless now processes $13bn in transactions a year and counts 50,000 businesses around the world as their customers, from small businesses to household names like TripAdvisor and the Guardian

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