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    Protecting your business systems, networks, and programs from cyber threats.

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    Is Your Business at Risk?

    Did you know that a cyber-attack is reported once every 8 minutes in Australia? Many of us don’t seem bothered by this until we ourselves become victims. By then the damage has already been done.

    Cyber Security solutions are more than just technological tools and services – they’re vital components to strengthen your IT setup and protect everything from your sensitive financial reports to client information.

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    Growing Threats to Your Business

    Shield Bug-100h

    Data Breaches

    Broken Lock-100h

    Compromised Access


    Phishing Attacks




    Untrained Employees

    Floppy Disk-100h

    Old Technology

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    How We Secure Your Business

    Our cyber security services provide the best defence for your business through specialised tools and solutions.

    • Identify and evaluate weaknesses in your networks, systems, & processes

    • Train your employees on security and phishing awareness

    • Utilise threat detection cyber security programs

    • Provide risk assessment and management

    • Improve your business’ policy management

    • Provide Cyber Security consulting & strategy development

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    Don’t Become a Cyber Victim Statistic

    Malicious cyber activity is rapidly increasing with no sign of slowing down, where hackers are finding more sophisticated ways of carrying out their cyber-attacks. Unfortunately, more businesses find themselves becoming part of a cyber-attack statistic - don’t let this be you.

    At TribeTech, we understand the importance of protecting your data which is why we provide managed cyber security solutions as part of our wider range of services. We also share regular security insights and helpful resources on our blog and in our weekly WineDown Podcast.

    Cyber Crime Statistics

    Benefits of Cyber Security Services


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    Protect Your Business

    The greatest advantage of employing cyber security services is that you can reduce your business’ vulnerability and protect your networks and data from unauthorised access.

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    Instil Customer Trust

    With the added assurance that your business is protected, your customer base will feel more inclined to purchase your product or service, knowing that their information is in safe hands.

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    Maintain Productivity

    Malware and harmful viruses can slow down personal computers to the point where they are impossible to use. Cyber security services can avoid downtime and the hassle of having to repair and restore your systems.


    Helping to Protect You from Hackers and Data Breaches

    Most often we think of cyber threats as being external however, 95% of cyber security breaches are a result of human error! In some cases, your data can end up on the Dark Web.

    By partnering with TribeTech, an experienced Cyber Security company, we can help improve employee cyber awareness and give your people the tools they need to keep your business secure.

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