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7 Benefits of Working with a Managed IT Service Provider

Partnering with a Managed IT Service Provider (MSP) is becoming far more common as businesses look to reduce overheads, improve operations, and scale their business.

We’ve come up with some other benefits of working with an MSP and how it could help your business.


What is the role of a Managed IT Service Provider?

First, let’s start off with how Managed IT Services Provider’s contribute to your business’s success.

MSP’s stabilise and enhance your IT foundations by offering strategic consultancy, cyber security, vCIO, cloud-hosted VoIP solutions, disaster recovery plans, and much more. Whether you’re a small to medium business or a large organisation, partnering with a MSP allows your business to work off strong foundations that are the launchpad for the rest to come. So, let’s dive into what that really means to your business...



1. Increase Efficiency

Training your team takes time and leaves you with less time to work on what you need to be doing. An external IT team works great for tasks or projects that require specialised skills and experience that you wouldn’t normally have access to.

This also allows your internal team to have more time to focus on other important projects that can be more valuable to the business. By providing a particular skill set to a particular project, you create a shift that increases efficiency and overall output.


2. Control and Reduce Operational Costs

According to 2020 reports, 70% of companies cite “cost reduction” as the primary motivation to outsource.

For businesses without an internal IT resource, Managed Service Providers often act as a vCIO who can develop IT strategies to improve processes and systems and introduce you to up and coming industry trends. One of their responsibilities could be reinventing processes that enable the wider business to work smarter, not harder, ultimately allowing you to cut costs.

Having an external team focused on strategic objectives and with many strings to their bow can be far more cost-effective compared to managing an internal team.


3. Gain Access to a Greater Network of Specialised Resources

You’re great at what you do, and IT companies are great at what they do. If you’re a law firm, your focus should be on hiring and managing lawyers, paralegals, and support staff, not managing your IT.

Partnering with a Managed Service IT Provider allows you to direct your focus on your work while having your IT experts focus on ensuring your IT setup is running smoothly and your technical foundations are in place.

This exposes you to a much larger network of highly skilled IT teams that enable you to shift your internal team’s focus to other critical areas within your business.


4. Understand the Technology Landscape

Understanding your IT is extremely complex. You may have tried to fix one tech problem, but soon found that another popped up shortly after. With software and programs improving every minute, it’s impossible to keep up to date with all the moving bits and pieces in addition to managing your other responsibilities.

Managed IT Service Providers rely on staying up to date with the latest news, trends, products, services, and more. A team that has the experience and an understanding of the latest business technology can provide recommendations on new technologies to help advance your business.

Partnering with a team that understands the full technology landscape plays a critical role in creating high-quality IT setups.

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5. Create Tailored IT Solutions

Partnering with a Managed IT Service Provider allows for your company to have tailored IT solutions created from a fresh new perspective. They cater to your unique challenges and put the right tools in place to help you overcome them quickly and efficiently.

Whether you’re looking to improve your foundations or streamline your work, working with an MSP that understands the ins and outs of your business can help you make decisions about your technology investments.


6. Have the Ability to Scale

Working with an IT company enables you and your business to grow where, when, and how you choose. Depending on the demand, you’re able to scale up with resources at any given time without the long-term commitment involved in hiring new internal team members. Managed IT Services companies will provide your company with skilled professionals and support exactly where it’s needed and when it’s needed the most.


7. Receive Additional Support

If you’re finishing up for the day but have a new IT problem pop up, there are some Managed Service Providers that offer 24/7 support. This additional assistance helps you solve your IT problems quickly, securely and provides you peace of mind in knowing that an expert is always there for you.



By now we hope we’ve introduced some of the excellent benefits to partnering with a Managed IT Services Provider for your IT. It has shown to be an increasingly popular and effective strategy when transforming the way in which a business operates.

At TribeTech, we believe there’s a better way to do what you do where the effective use of technology can dramatically improve your efficiency and help you scale. Get in touch today to discuss how we can help stabilise and enhance your business’s IT management.

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