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    TribeTech Acquires HubOne

    Strategic Acquisition Reinforces TribeTech’s Growth: TribeTech today announced the acquisition of HubOne. This strategic move provides HubOne clients access to improved support and IT Managed Services provided by TribeTech. It also provides TribeTech’s clients with additional ways to manage information in their businesses.

    TribeTech intends to further develop the OnePractice solution, increasing functionality for existing clients. It also plans to widen the solution’s capabilities for application in additional industries.

    HubOne assets and customer contracts are included in the transaction. Existing staff will remain with the business. HubOne will continue to operate under its own brand.

    Nicholas Beaugeard, Founder of HubOne, commented:

    We were excited when TribeTech approached us. I immediately saw how we could further improve client experience by integrating TribeTech’s processes and offerings into our solution. We can now focus on continued development of our solutions to suit wider audiences, confident that our clients will benefit from TribeTech’s service and support expertise.

    Founded in 2018, TribeTech provides easy to use, effective IT solutions that help businesses to grow and compete.

    TribeTech's small teams, or ‘tribes’, are responsible for delivering on promises and solving your business’s problems from day zero.

    Scott Atkinson, CEO of TribeTech, says:

    TribeTech exists to improve efficiency in client businesses through the effective use of IT. The HubOne acquisition enhances our capabilities in that regard.

    HubOne’s cloud-based Document Management solution is widely used by accountants. I see opportunities to tailor HubOne’s solutions to meet the unique demands facing other industries as well. We intend to invest heavily to support this growth.

    TribeTech has made customer service the central element to everything that it does. TribeTech’s small tribes of engineers take care of everything IT, with a strong emphasis on security, allowing clients to focus on their business: their IT systems become the tools they use to thrive.

    More information about the services TribeTech offers can be found at the company website:

    HubOne provides OnePractice™, a cloud-based Document Management solution designed by and for Accountants. It integrates with Accounting Practice Management systems to give clients a stress-free, time-saving Document Management solution using intelligent automation. More information about the software solutions HubOne offers can be found at the company website:

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