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    Episode 79

    If businesses want to be successful, they need to find ways to become more efficient, productive, better than their competitors, and enhance the quality of their offered products or service. In order to do any of that, they need to automate.

    In this week’s episode of the WineDown, Scott and Nick cover:

    • What to think about before automating a process
    • Why every business needs to document their processes
    • How automation plays a key role in making a business attractive for acquirers

    And more!

    Let’s jump right in!

    Automation is everywhere.

    Order-to-cash, quote to invoice, help desk – it’s all there. In fact, there really are very few businesses where we actually have to deal directly with people. When we ring up Customer Service, more often than not we’re talking to AI, before being directed to a specific department. When we go onto a website, a little chatbot pops up in the corner of the screen asking us if we need any help and often gives us options to click, again, directing us to a specific line of queries

    Automation isn’t going anywhere; it’s just becoming more common and subtle in our day-to-day lives.

    So how does automation play a key role in businesses?

    Where do we even start…

    In a rapidly growing market, businesses are constantly competing with one another to remain relevant, competitive, efficient, and most importantly - effective.

    Using this incredible technology to perform repetitive, time-consuming tasks allows us to put our people to work in areas that put our team to much better use. Not only that, but automation reduced manual errors that let’s be real - do happen from time to time. Automating processes ensure high-quality results each and every time which drastically reduces the amount of employee oversight, again, giving people back their time to work on other mission-critical areas within the business.

    If you’re looking to enter a Merger or Acquisition down the line, you still need to automate, or at the very least ensure your processes are well documented. From an acquirer’s point of view, they’ll see your business as efficient or having the potential to become efficient through automation, making your business that much more attractive.

    Wondering how to start automating your business?

    Automating your business is not an overnight, one-and-done thing. It’s a process that requires a lot of thought before jumping straight in. As mentioned above, map out your processes and data. From here, you now have the ability to deliver your results with automation tools, creating repeatable and high-quality outcomes.

    So, what are you doing in your own business?

    With over 20+ years IT experience, we know what it takes to enhance and transform the way you work, opening your business up to new growth opportunities.

    Talk to us today to find out how you can start automating your business!

    Wine of the Week

    This week our favourite IT leaders enjoyed a 2014 bottle of Marqués de Riscal Rioja Reserva. This one’s perfect for those who enjoy a full-bodied red with a slightly spicy nose.

    ⭐ 𝟰.𝟱/𝟱 ⭐