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    Introducing MAUI: New Code for Better Ways of Working

    Episode 80

    Moving your business into the 21st century has become a necessity in order to remain competitive. You can either start from scratch and work with custom-built applications or save your existing software, just updating it with modern enhancements (where possible).

    Either way, some of your primary goals are likely to be improving your processes and improving your customer’s experience. If you have custom applications, Microsoft has just released a game-changing solution: .NET MAUI.

    In this week’s WineDown, we discuss:

    • What is .NET MAUI
    • How MAUI can impact your business and improve client experiences
    • How the application development market has evolved over time
    • Why legacy tech just doesn’t cut it anymore
    • Why is Microsoft even supporting old tech
    • How to decide whether you should modernise your old tech, start from scratch, or get something off the shelf
    • And more!

    Back in Time

    Back in the day, code was very different.

    Java was used to write code and run on anything, whereas .NET was code written in multiple languages that only ran on Microsoft.

    Developers faced challenges when building .NET native apps across systems as they had to learn and build many different technology stacks, over and over again. These cross-platform applications were rather clunky, required a lot of background work to maintain, and didn’t work as well as you’d think.

    Tech is Evolving Before Our Very Eyes

    The app market really has evolved significantly. Things have shifted and Microsoft has done a lot of work to launch .NET MAUI: the next evolution of Multi-Application User Interface.

    The web applications can now run on anything and place a much greater focus on user experience. It places much greater emphasis on code re-usability without compromising on app quality, giving users the ability to work on old, revamped software.

    How does this relate to your business?

    When you have systems, you want them to be able to work on any device from anywhere. Your users may have iOS, Android, or Windows, which means you need your code to cater to all of the above and have your platforms unified.

    Working with old tech means they’re most likely not doing that. On top of that, there may be an operational issue here and there, but over time, it can snowball into a much bigger issue – especially when this poses a security risk.

    New Tech or Old Tech?

    There are a lot of factors to consider when deciding whether or not to keep your existing software and modernise it - or just completely start over with new applications. Sometimes when a business works in specific ways with unique and custom-built applications, those applications may form part of the competitive advantage that the business has. In this case, it makes sense to ensure the applications are kept up to date. This has now been made possible with the introduction of .NET MAUI.

    However, we would always recommend a review of your processes. Is it possible that the heavily coded app you’ve had for a long time is actually holding you back? So, it begs the question, even though you can use this new technology to modernise, should you? Reviewing your processes and applications should give you your answer.

    If you’re looking to modernise or are just entering the world of application development, .NET MAUI isn’t something you can just turn on. Work with a custom app developer who specialises in .NET MAUI-based applications, so you can rest easy as your applications will be as robust and secure as possible.

    Because you’re on a one-code base, you can perform updates almost automatically. On top of that, it heavily caters to your clients, fixes the problems with your old tech, maintains all your intellectual property, extends the life of your apps and ultimately strengthens them. This advancing code technology allows code to run on mobile and desktop scenarios with UI controls in place.

    At the end of the day, it’s time to take your programs and uplift them with the power of modern solutions. You can have modern performance, security, and user experiences, without having to totally reinvent the wheel from scratch.

    Talk to us today to discuss your options and let’s get your business working smarter, not harder.


    Wine of the Week

    The Wine of the Week is a 2015 Coates Shiraz Cabernet, a lovely dark fruit and oak wine.