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Data Fundamentals: Enhance Your Business with Strong Data Foundations

Episode 69

Over this week’s glass (or bottle) of wine, Nick and Scott discuss why it’s absolutely crucial to have seamless integration between your applications and how this impacts your business operations, regardless of your industry or business size.

Your data foundations dictate your IT performance, where if you’re unstable, you’re unable to unlock your business’s potential. A large portion of this is having your systems communicating with one another while maintaining security, where cloud-based APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) make this possible.

They break down what APIs are, their mechanisms, what popular systems have them, and common problems related to using an onsite API. Our favourite duo also provides a rundown of what systems need to be integrated (hint: a lot). From accounting systems to CRMs, they cover it all.

Listen in today to hear a brief history of how large corporations and small businesses formerly utilised APIs (along with the impact on their business operations), and how they currently incorporate APIs into their business to transform the way they work.

So How Will This Impact You?

Each system holds a large amount of data, from client information to balance sheets, however, there’s not much point in having each individual system collect and store this information if you don’t have the ability to integrate it with your other apps. You need all of this data to be accessible in real-time with a common key that links everything back together. To be clear, you don’t need to have your data in one place, you just need to be able to access it easily.

If you enjoy wine and are looking to increase business efficiency, link and analyse events within your business to make real business decisions, scale faster, become more agile as a competitive advantage, create opportunities for automation, and really just function, then this week’s podcast will provide excellent insight to help you and your business strengthen your data foundations.

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Wine of the Week

This week’s wine is a 2019 Redman Shiraz, a medium bodied Coonawarra Shiraz that comes at a bargain price.