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    Welcome to the WineDown

    Tune into the WineDown, a video series where our tribe dives deeper into the latest technology trends and how they apply to your business, over a bottle of wine.



    How To Find Your Data

    Episode 41

    Scott and Nick discuss data, how to find it and how to integrate it.

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    Is Your Data Safe?

    Episode 39

    Again from lockdown, Scott and Nick discuss the recent ransomware attack, how it has impacted customers and what you can do to protect...

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    How Do I Take Advantage Of Data In My Business?

    Episode 35

    In this episode, Scott and Nick discuss how to use data in your business to make more money, reduce costs and make strategic decisions

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    Why Antivirus Is No Longer Enough

    Episode 11

    Traditional antivirus is similar to a lock on your front door. However, a hacker could also break in through the backdoor, windows, or any...

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