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    Welcome to the WineDown

    Tune into the WineDown, a video series where our tribe dives deeper into the latest technology trends and how they apply to your business, over a bottle of wine.


    IT Strategy

    IT As A Strategic Asset 2022

    Episode 63

    Welcome to 2022! Join Scott and Nick as they discuss the disconnect between IT providers and businesses seeking to utilize IT as a...

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    Moving To The Cloud

    Episode 46

    In this episode, Scott and Nick discuss whether you should move to the cloud, what it means for your business and predict where businesses...

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    How Do I Take Advantage Of Data In My Business?

    Episode 35

    In this episode, Scott and Nick discuss how to use data in your business to make more money, reduce costs and make strategic decisions

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    How Do I Use A Modern IT Services Model To Improve My Bottom Line?

    Episode 31

    Join Scott and Nick as they discuss the evolution of IT Services and how, by using a modern IT model, you can easily improve your bottom...

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    What Are The Drawbacks of a DIY IT-Strategy?

    Episode 27

    In this episode, Scott and Nick discuss the benefits and drawbacks of a do-it-yourself IT, where it works and where it doesn't.

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    Crawl, Walk, Run

    Episode 15

    Scott and Nick discuss Legacy and how you can Crawl, Walk and Run to the future.

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    Disaster Recovery: Meaning, Significance, And Covid Evolution

    Episode 13

    Living in uncertain times, protecting our business has never been more important. Scott and Nick cover how to do just that with Disaster...

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    Taking A Look At The "Modern Office"

    Episode 12

    In this video, Scott and Nick discuss The Modern Office and what modern technology should look like. Whether you're working from home or...

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