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What's Happening in Technology in 2022

Episode 72

Security is deemed to be the top priority for businesses in 2022. This is up from 2020 when it was listed as third and comes as no surprise given what’s happening across the globe. Other key priorities are:

  • Digital transformation
  • Client experience (CX)
  • Applications (either modernising older applications or moving to newer platforms)

Over the last couple of years, businesses have been in a ‘protect’ phase with a focus on simply keeping their current customers.

Now, businesses are moving into a ‘grow’ phase whereby they are starting to explore and execute on long-overdue improvements to strengthen their baseline and enable them for future growth.

For modern businesses, innovation is the key to success where using modern technology and approaches is helping them grow compared to traditional methods. If you are still working today the way you were working in 2020, then you are going to experience some competitive pressures from those businesses that have used the last two years to innovate.

IT skills shortages remain a key concern, with businesses finding it difficult to attract resources needed to drive technology success. For example, Project Managers and Business Analysts are in short supply. This is partly due to travel restrictions and the inability to recruit talent overseas, but also due to the changing skills landscape.

This short supply of resources is impeding projects from going ahead. Now, many businesses are finding that they want to move forward with digital transformation efforts, however, they are short of the skills required to succeed.

If we know one thing, it’s that no one is talking about ‘standard IT’ anymore, but rather more advanced IT requirements and features. Discussions around types of computers, the internet, and Wi-Fi are now a conversation of the past. It’s just become a basic expectation that you need to have this sorted within your setup.

So where are we now? Modern businesses are focused on improving the efficiency of business processes, automating workflows and innovating in new areas.

True innovation is no longer a better version of what you do – it's a full paradigm shift. Uber didn’t ‘invent’ a better taxi, they just created a whole new approach to travel through automation.

If someone five years ago said that they would be able to order a Big Mac by tapping on their phone and have it delivered in 10 minutes, you would think they were crazy. This innovation has prompted the creation of new types of fast-food businesses– ones that don’t have a shopfront or deal directly with a high-end clientele.

Net effect - keep up with technology or you will fall behind.

Take a moment to think about your business...

Think big, bold, and have the courage to implement your creations.

Work Smarter Today!


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