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The Great Backup Debate

Episode 71

Ahead of World Backup Day on 31st March, Scott and Nick are joined by guest-speaker James Bergl, previous Vice President of one of Australia's leading Cloud Backup Providers, Datto, to discuss all things backup.

Over a bottle of wine, the three talk about cloud backups, evolving views, where your data may be living, backup versions, and discuss a recent situation that had a great effect on many businesses.


The Great Backup Debate

Why do we need to backup data? Why is it important? Whose responsibility is it to protect your data?

In recent years, as people and businesses have begun to adopt cloud storage and SaaS solutions, they have become increasingly complacent with backing up their data. Gone are the days when we had memory sticks and external hard drives storing copies of our data. Now, the reliance on those cloud solutions has caused a common misconception that data is protected and backed up by those solutions. This is not true.

The reality is, a lot of companies that are hosting data do provide a level of protection, such as protecting the hardware. However, these providers are not protecting what is inside the cloud itself - your data.

This becomes an even larger problem because your business is more likely to suffer data loss through internal damage, such as human error, rather than external damage (eg. natural disaster).

James discusses the importance of creating multiple levels of security over your data and how education around data backups and recovery is slowly changing. This can help you and your business prepare for the possible risks and threats to come.

Now it's time to find the right provider, but where to start?

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Wine of the Week

This week's wine is a 2021 Jim Barry Watervale Riesling, a cold and consistent white that has generous citrus flavours of lemon and lime.