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Reimagining Business Processes with Automation

Episode 70

In this week’s episode of the WineDown, Scott and Nick discuss business automation and the endless benefits of making you a strong competitor, regardless of the industry you work in.

What is Business Automation?

So, what is business automation? Put simply, it’s an efficient and effective process that removes steps in your workflow by using technology to perform your repetitive tasks. Your team members are given back their time to put their skills to use in other key areas, such as customer service.

How Does This Affect Me?

We’ve seen how business automation completely transforms and takes over other industries through decentralisation. Uber market reports have shown that providing additional information to users such as driver’s location, vehicle details, and pre-estimated fares, have increased customer preferences towards online booking systems.

However, automation has also proven to provide incredible benefits for companies of all sizes. You may be a small accounting firm that has a receptionist send ‘Welcome!’ emails to each client that comes in. Nevertheless, this process can easily be automated, and your receptionist can use that time to focus on other areas.

Scott and Nick explain how you want to get to the stage where you have full control over your operations with a repeatable outcome each and every time you execute a task. By taking people out of the equation (where necessary), you reduce the risks of human error and overall inconsistency. Business automation removes these problems and increases your company’s efficiency, reduces costs, and utilises your team roles at a smarter capacity.

How Do I Start Automating Processes?

This week’s episode breaks down the steps to begin automating your processes, starting with documenting, and defining your processes. You want to perfect your processes before you can begin moving on to automating them.

If you’re looking to make great use of your people and resources, listen in to find a lot of helpful tips and tricks to begin transforming the way you work!

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Wine of the Week

This week’s wine is a 2019 De Iuliis Steven Vineyard Shiraz, a medium-bodied Hunter Valley style with rich spice, pepper, and berry aromas.